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The Photography Show – We’ve missed you

Visit us at Stand: K402 After almost 2 years of lockdowns and working from home Photoxport is delighted to see the Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham opening up again. With the anticipation building to finally getting to speak to customers and members of the public face to face again (albeit under Covid guidance) […]

Visit us at Stand: K402

After almost 2 years of lockdowns and working from home Photoxport is delighted to see the Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham opening up again. With the anticipation building to finally getting to speak to customers and members of the public face to face again (albeit under Covid guidance) we have decided to take a quick look back at some of the other great Photography Shows over the past years.

Photo courtesy of BPI NEWS

The Photography Show 2016

In 2016 Photoxport highlighted the past, present and future of Noritsu. With a standing offering a timeline of the Noritsu photo printing line from the early QSS series of the 1970’s all the way through to the then new dry-lab the Nortisu Green II. During this show we also launched the Nortisu driven Smart Picture Creation a Photo-kiosk software that links flawlessly with Noritsu printers.

Show Highlight: The Noritsu Green Duplex

The Noritsu Green Duplex is built to handle situations of any kind: independent shops, photo studios, camera stores and pro-labs. In addition to all features that have made the QSS brand so popular, the QSS Green raises the bar in terms of environmental friendliness and print varieties. The Green has an amazing 69.2″ paper advance length and the ability to change the print stage height at will: set to provide a vast printing options.

The Photography Show 2017

2017 was the year of Noritsu for Photoxport during the Photography Show. Not only did we have the impressive Green Duplex on the stand but we also produced prints from the Noritsu Green II. With the help of former Noritsu Director WorldWide Strategic Sales & Planning: Rob Kubara and Noritsu Japan sales division: Katsuhiko Higashi, we were able to cause quite a stir when it came to the beautiful quality of the prints from the Noritsu Dry-labs.

Show Highlights: Stolen Prints

The Noritsu Green II like its younger sister the Noritsu Green III is capable of printing high quality wide format prints upto 12″ x 55″. To highlight the brilliance of the printer we decided to print a number of wide format images for people to view. However over the course of the 4 days we noticed that a number of prints started to go missing especially the print of the Ferrari F1 car. We are not sure why this particular print was so popular with the swift handed amateur photographers but we certainly didn’t have any left by the end of the show.

Photo courtesy of BPI NEWS

Photo courtesy of Photoxport

The Photography Show 2018

2018 saw the launch of 3 new products from Photoxport. Firstly Photoxport brought out two new top of the range Noritsu dry-labs with the Green III and the Green IV. Both dry-labs went down a treat highlighting the progress in ink-jet technology. With the ability to print at the length of 69.2″ on 12″ paper the Green IV went down a storm with show attendees and Noritsu users. Moving to smaller forms of printing Photoxport were proud to launch the Snapfoto. The Snapfoto is a Wifi all-in-one kiosk printer system. The Kiosk allows users to connected wirelessly and quickly to any model of smart phone allowing the user to select photos to print through a web browser to a Citizen CX-02 printer.

Show Highlights: Demo video squirm

Naturally with new products you want to demonstrate them for interested parties who might not be able to attend the show. With that in mind Citizen and Photoxport thought it best to create a video for the Snapfoto. This lead to a hard hour of a Photoxport staff member struggling to remember lines, tripping over his words and dropping his demo phone. But we think the video turned out ok in the end.

The Photography Show 2019

My word was 2019 a busy show for Photoxport. We proudly unveiled our new distributorship with Citizen Photo Printers. Citizen have arguably the best range of thermal printers on the market today, printers used by Event companies, theme parks and photographic professionals the world over. With quick access to printers and consumables necessary for Citizen users we developed the very website you are reading this on today with our quick ordering e-commerce section. In light of our relationship with Citizen Photoxport found it important that we had a wide range of products to work alongside Citizen Photo Printers, with this we began a relationship with tech firm Pixel-Tech. Pixel-Tech offer a wide range of photographic retail and event software solutions such as the ID Photos Pro 8 a biometric passport system. Of course we also had to show off what Noritsu had to offer.

Show Highlights: The Big Dog

We knew we had to make a big splash and grab peoples attention and what better way to do it than a cute albeit grumpy looking dog with a party hat and bow tie. Its cuteness and the fact the image made him about 7ft certainly caught the eye and acted as a brilliant conversation starter.

Photo courtesy of Photoxport

To the Future

As everyone knows 2021 offers potential risks, we will adhere by any measures put in place by the Photography Show 2021 organisers and/or the Government. Our staff attending the show are fully vaccinated and will regularly take testing kits to ensure they are safe to attend.

Putting that aside we at Photoxport are incredibly excited to finally be able to exhibit at the Photography Show again, we have so many fond memories from the previous years and we enjoy meeting new people and highlighting our product offering. We have a fantastic new range of products to bring to the market these include innovative Photobooths from Smove, stunning photo mounts from Photovalue and a hi-tech wifi based printing solution AirCastPro. Including are stable products from Noritsu, Citizen, Canon, Pixel-Tech, Eizo and Snapfoto.

Heres to a safe and successful show, we look forward to seeing you in September.

Visit us at Stand: G704

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