The ColourJet Range

The ColourJet range of paper and ink refill solutions can not only save you money but can also reduce your environmental impact

At Photoxport we believe that been kind to the environment is key to a sustainable future, thats why we have developed the ColourJet brand Ink re-fill system which allows the Photolab owner to re-use their inkjet cartridges.


New Inkjet cartridges are non-recyclable and take years to degrade, so throwing empty cartridges away after use is detrimental to the environment, but with ColourJet brand Ink refill solution this allows you to re-use your Noritsu Ink Cartridge reducing environmental impact whilst at the same time saving money.


Re-filling your cartridge is simple, when you order 4 bottles of CMYK ink you order 8 colour CYMK RFID chips each bottle of Ink contains 1000ml filling a 500ml cartridge twice so will produce 7200 4×6 size prints

Colourjet ink - refilling your cartridges

colourjet paper


ColourJet paper is manufactured in the EU to the highest standard producing stunning results on Noritsu, Fuji and Epson dry-labs.


ColourJet paper has a unique SL layer which ensures perfect operation with roll feed Drylabs as the SL layer offers improved scratch resistance

ColourJet Paper has enhanced ozone protection ensuring exceptional archival properties.

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