Customer Reviews – DiLand Kiosks and Software

Customer Reviews – DiLand Kiosks and Software

Here at PhotoXport we endeavour to offer the very best products and solutions the market has to offer. Receiving positive feedback and reviews from our customers not only fills us with pride and happiness, it also helps us better understand and visualise the end-user customer experience interacting with the solutions.

We’re delighted to be able to share a review Sutherlands Photo Lab have sent our way regarding their recent experiences of selecting, installing and running DiLand kiosk and DiLand Kiosk software solutions in their stores. We’d like to thank Sutherland’s for their eloquent feedback, being a loyal customer and a pleasure to work with.

For background, Sutherland’s Photo Lab is the most northerly on Mainland Scotland and has been serving the local community of Caithness, Sutherland and further afield for over thirty years. We have a strong customer base from many demographics, so it has always been hugely important to have a kiosk system that is user friendly while also providing editing options and a wide range of products.

Our team began searching for a new Photo Kiosk system in early 2022, following the withdrawal of support from the supplier of the in store and web kiosks, and issues relating to the age of the existing hardware.

A few options were considered; however, the DiLand D32 Freestanding Kiosk, DiLand Studio Software, and DiLand Web Kiosk (all supplied by PhotoXport) ticked every box where compatibility and useability are concerned. We also refurbished two of our existing machines and installed the DiLand Kiosk software, which we have found to work brilliantly alongside our two new D23 Kiosks.

We operate a Noritsu Green 2 Dry Lab, which integrates excellently with the DiLand hardware and software. Orders from our kiosks are processed, then imported to the DiLand Studio Software on our Noritsu PC, our team confirm each order, which are then imported to the Noritsu EZ Controller Software for correcting and printing. This process is seamless and efficient. We can also access all products centrally for pricing updates, additions, and corrections.

Perhaps the biggest hit with our customers has been DiLand Web Kiosk. Our community have commented on the ease of use, editing capabilities, the ability to order photo gifts, canvas, and larger prints. The changes and investments we have made have been well received by our customers. An example of this is one of our most regular customers, who is 80 years old. She has found the new set up to be simple to use and needs no support to complete her orders.

The DiLand products have been a game changer for us, as we can now centrally control all orders and products from our website alongside in-store kiosk orders in DiLand Studio. Having one system to manage both revenue streams has improved production times, cutting customer wait times significantly. In a nutshell, DiLand is a simple system to use and has worked out more cost effective than our previous set up.

We would not hesitate to recommend the DiLand team and products to any other businesses looking to install/upgrade their existing Photo offering.

PhotoXport are the exclusive UK distributor of DiLand kiosks and software solutions. If you would like to learn more about DiLand Kiosk hardware and software please get in touch or visit the links below.

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