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Fuji Frontier LP7100

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Fuji Frontier LP7100

A stand alone printer processor with amazing versatility, the Frontier LP7100 produces up to 810 4R prints per hour, making it ideally suited for the busy retail environment. With the ability to handle paper sizes from 3.5″- 8″, the Frontier LP7100 is an ideal choice for busy digital labs.

  • Processing capacity of up to 810 4R prints per hour
  • Faster throughput allows prints in minutes service; utilising Type II paper and CP49E chemistry, 24 4R prints require only 4 minutes
  • Small footprint LP7100 (< 15 ft2)
  • Handles paper widths from 3.5 inches through 8 inches


About the actual machine

Yeah Build: July 2007

Print Count: 322,000

Service History: The machine has had yearly services checks since instillation

Condition: The machine is in perfect working condition and was running up until decommission





Type – Floor standing, daylight operation laser printer, paper processor, cutter and sorter

Exposure system – Scanning exposure system using RGB lasers

Paper – Optimal performance from Fuji Crystal Archive Type II papers

Paper widths – 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″, 5″, 6″, 8″

Print sorter – Sorting capacity of 10 orders C/H/P mixed format prints

Printer condition setup – Automatic calibration by built in calibrator

Processor carriage – Single-line, sheet carriage

Processing time – Dry to dry time of 1 minute, 47 seconds

Power Requirements – AC 200-240V (50/60 Hz), single phase 20A

Dimensions – 32″ W x 77″ L x 53″ H

Weight – Approximately 680 pounds

Footprint –Approximately 15 ft2

Processor capacity

  • 135 3R: Up to 900 prints / hour on 5″ paper
  • 135 3R: Up to 900 prints / hour on 5″ paper
  • 135 8R: Up to 300 prints per hour on 8″ paper
  • Digital still camera / digital media prints: Up to 900 3R prints / hour

Chemical system – CP-49E cartridge chemistry


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