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Noritsu HS1800 Film Scanner

This machine is an original HS1800, it is not an upgraded S4

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Noritsu HS1800 Film Scanner

Professional and with high resolutionAs always, there are still customers – both consumers and professionals –

who visit a specialist photo shop with film material to have printed images or value-added image products made from it.

There are three Noritsu film scanners for the digitalisation of colour and black/white negatives, and for reversal film.

The devices are designed for professional usage and for digitalisation of large quantities of film.



Types/Models HS-1800
Operating System Windows 7 Professional, German/English (64 Bit OS)
Software EZ Controller
Device connection USB 2.0 connections, network connection on the EZ Controller PC
Input Specific to the scanner model
Colour and black/white negatives as well as slides in formats:
HS-1800 with replaceable negative carriers (optional):
Carrier 135/240 AFC II: Neg./slide/SW 135, IX240;
Carrier 135 MMC II: framed –KB slides 24 x 36 mm
Resolution HS-1800:
1037 x 1565, 2000 x 3000, 4492 x 6774 pixels
Capacity HS-1800 (when using a high-speed PC):
Up to 2,200 negatives/h at 1037 x 1512 pixels
Image data transfer To digital Noritsu minilabs (from model QSS-3501 Plus, QSS-3701), and Noritsu inkjet devices (from model D701/D703)
Weight HS-1800 approx. 18.6 kg
Power connection At 230 V AC socket with 3-wire AC power cable fitted with cold-device plug
System-compatible accessories (optional) HS-1800 negative carriers:
A) 135/240 AFC II for neg./slide/SW 135, IX240;
B) 120 AFC II for neg./slide/SW 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7, 6×9 cm
C) 135/240 MMC II for glassless framed slides, in 50×50 mm slide frames with frame thicknesses from 1.0 mm to 3.2 mm
Additionally Easy operation; network-enabled in Noritsu systems;
Digital ICE for removal of dust and scratches


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