Smove Fbox Mirror

Photo booth SMOVE FBOX MIRROR is a Premium solution for mass events

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Smove Fbox Mirror

PREMIUM photo booth – the lightest on the market while maintaining maximum functionality.

Standard equipment:

  • External flash lamp with a power 200 Ws together with a beauty dish triggered by radio
  • MiniPC class computer with Windows 10 + DSLR Remote Pro photo booth software from BreezeSys
  • Interface package with printout templates
  • 55 “mirror pane with tactile coating
  • 43 “monitor with 4K resolution
  • Interactive multicolour LED backlight
  • Decorative frame to choose from
  • Canon EOS 1300D digital SLR camera + EF-S 18-55 mm lens + 8GB memory card + permanent power supply
  • Citizen CX-02 thermo-sublimation printer with a free-standing printer stand and a starter kit for materials (430 10x15cm photos)
  • 2 function transport case (changing into a gadget table)

Main dimensions:

  • Device dimensions: 85 x 17 x 140cm, weight 60kg
  • Flight case dimensions: 92 x 24 x 149cm, weight 30kg
  • Lens height from the ground: 130cm

Dimensions of the optional “stand” with the printer:

  • Body: 48 x 30 x 21cm, weight 17kg
  • Leg: 12 x 6 x 62cm, weight 2kg
  • Base: 50 x 50 x 4cm, weight 10kg

Learn more about Citizen Printers perfect for Smove photo booths here

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Citizen CX-02 (recommended) or any other Citizen printer
• Remote triggered 200 Ws flash lamp with beauty dish
• 55” Mirror – Interactive touch surface
• 43” Monitor
• MiniPC computer
• CANON EOS 1300D camera, an EF-S
18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens + AC adapter
• Printer box mounted on separate stand
• Dye-sublimation printer: Connected with PC via USB cable
• Photo booth software with package of animations and print layouts
• 2-functional Transport Flight Case – transforming into table
• Transport soft cases for: Printer and Camera
• Interactive multicolour LED lighting


• Dimensions of photo segment: 85x140x17 cm Weight: 60 kg
• Dimensions of Flight Case: 92x149x24 cm Weight: 35 kg
• Dimensions and weight of a printer segment: Main body: 48x30x21cm – 17kg
Stand: 12x6x62cm – 2kg
Base: 50x50x4cm – 10kg
• Adjustable light and flash intensity
• Powder-coated shell, white mat
with a fine structure.
• Changeable frame – to choose from 6 models • Solid design based on thick aluminium plate




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