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The Layflat – TL 400 VS m

Fully automatic binding and lamination

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The Layflat – TL 400 VS m

TL 400 VS m is a multi-functional Slit and Strip Binding machine which is used to give photo books, a completely LayFlat opening with V-Shape Technology. TL 400 VS m solves this problem by slitting and laminating the spine along with strengthening and adding flexibility to it. Especially design Roller for Manual Feeding make even gap between two Prints and reduce the wastage of the Lamination film, and the slitting distance from the spine can be adjusted. One of the two Slitting device (cutter) is fixed and the other is adjustable in between the paper width.

Key Features

  • Touch Panel Display7”(Inch) Touch Control Display.Easy & User-friendly touch control program for V-Shape Lay flat Binding
  • Manual FeedingTo get more precise and accurate feeding, the Roller is specially programmed, to avoid the overlapping and maintaining the distance between two sheets.
  • TWO Slitting Device (Window Cut)One of the two Slitting device (cutter) is fixed and the other is adjustable in between the paper width.
  • Dust Cleaning Rollers- Special design sticky rubber roller.- Catch the dust from print surface.

    – Easy to clean the dust roller once operation done

  • LaminationTWO Options for Film Roll 3” Core & 1” Core.
  • Auto Cut (Sheet Separator)Built in automatic cutting system between TWO lamination sheets (For any type of film PET | Polyester | BOPP)
  • V-Shape ProcessOur patented V-Shape length cutting to arrange the paper in V-Shape for LayFlat opening



  • 482mm x 482mm
  •  200mm x 305mm
  • Min 0.13mm–Max 0.25mm
  • 400 sheets per hour
  • 220V AC ( 50 Hz )
  • 3500W
  • 2210(L)x 1065(W)x (H)1575 ( mm )
  • Pneumatic connection required



Layflat Overview

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