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The Layflat – TP 450 VS a

The best in class flat binding.

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The Layflat – TP 450 VS a

Binding Machines for Duplex Prints

TP 450 VS a is a multi-functional Slit and Strip Binding machine which is used to give photo books made of special media, a completely LayFlat opening with V-Shape Technology. This machine solves the problem that typically occurs when laminating photo books that have unique surfaces such as Texture Paper, Metallic Paper, Lustre Paper etc., which is that laminating such unique media reduces its charm and richness. TP 450 VS a solves this problem by slitting and taping the spine along with strengthening and adding flexibility to it. Auto feeder can feed the media as per the programmed, and the slitting distance from the spine can be adjusted. TP 450 VS a also comes with Two Slitting device for Multiple ups books in single page, a Paper Guide to help set and maintain distance from the spine and create a V-Shape, along with a Digital Display Panel to set the slitting distance.

Key Features

  • Touch Panel Display. 7”(Inch) Touch Control Display Easy & User-friendly touch control program for V-Shape Layflat Binding
  • Auto Feeding.
    Auto Feeding: Electro Pneumatic feeder is specially designed for inserting one sheet at a time.
    TWO Silting Device
    One of the two Slitting device (cutter) is fixed and the other is adjustable in between the paper width.
    Two Tape Rolls :
    The adhesive tape is specially designed, to ensure proper holding of the joints and resulting in accurate binding.
    Auto Indication alerts, before the tape roll is about to finish.
    Tape Finish :
    Gloss & Lustre Finished tapes for the various types of media
  • Auto Cut (Sheet Separator)
    Built in automatic cutting system for cutting tapped sheets
  • Two tape rolls with gloss and lustre finish that are designed for accurate binding;
  • V-Shape Process
    Our patented V-Shape Technology to arrange the paper in V-Shape for lay flat opening

TP 450 VS a is specially used for photobooks that consist of special media such as Texture Paper, Metallic Paper, Lustre Paper etc. It is a multi-functional Slit and Strip Binding machine which creates a complete Layflat opening for such photobooks using our patented V-shape technology. TP 500 B comes with an Auto Feeder, a Paper Guide, and a Digital Display Panel to enable accuracy in the slitting and taping process.



  • 482 mm x 482 mm(19 inches x 19 inches)
  • 230mm x 280mm(9 inches x 11 inches)
  • Min 0.13mm – Max 0.25mm
  • Width 12mm / Thickness 15 micron
  • Polyester
  • 450 Sheets /hour
  • Pneumatic connection required
  • 220V 50HZ
  • 1500W
  • 1931 mm(L) x 1002 mm(W) x 1435 mm(H)
  • 300 KG



Layflat overview

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