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The Layflat – VS 700 B

Versatile binding machine

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The Layflat – VS 700 B

Binding Machines for Duplex Prints

VS 700 B is a one-of-its-kind user-friendly versatile machine which carries out all the basic processes involved in photobook binding i.e. window cutting, creasing, hole-punching, and stapling. All these processes can be easily programmed, ensuring that the user just has to feed in the prints manually with the rest being automatic. With its in-built touchscreen control panel, the user can pre-define each project and save it for later use. The machine also has the unique feature of providing V-shape hole-punching and step-binding for a complete LayFlat opening. Moreover, since the VS 700 B can perform multiple operations on a single sheet in a single run, it can be used for creating fold covers, panel card fold covers, and table standees, which can be used as calendars, menu cards etc.

Pre-programmable all-in-one machine for V-shape BindingSpeed: 700 sheets per hour

Key Features

  • Digital Microcontroller with a large LCD touch screen to pre defines & save each project;
  • Innovative patented technology of “V” shape lay flat binding;
  • Two binding options are available window cutting & creasing, with hole punching & stapling;
  • 99 programs can be stored with precise memory of window cutting, creasing & hole punching measurement;
  • Performs multiple operations in a single run to create fold covers and table standees, creates up to 6 windows or crease per sheet in a single run;
  • Combine the process of window cutting, hole punching and stapling process with utmost precision, done in a single window;

The VS 700 B has a digital microcontroller with a large LCD touchscreen, having the ability to pre-define and save projects for future use. It can hold up to 99 programs in memory, including precise details for window-cutting, creasing, and hole-punching measurements. This machine also offers the patented
V-shape LayFlat binding technology. Two binding options are offered i.e.
window-cutting and creasing, with hole-punching and stapling. It can create up to 6 windows or creases per sheet in a single run and can perform multiple operations in a single run for creating fold covers and table standees. The
VS 700 B combines the processes of window-cutting, hole-punching, and stapling with utmost precision done in a single window.



  • 381 mm – 510 mm(15 inches – 20 inches)
  • 330 mm x 482 mm(13 inches – 19 inches)
  • 0.15mm – 0.30 mm
  • 0.125mm – 0.175mm
  • 700 sheets per hour
  • Pneumatic connection required
  • 220V 50 HZ
  • 250W
  • 1422 mm(L) x 1168 mm(W) x 1422 mm(H)
  • 225 kg



700B PDF.        Layflat Overview


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