The Worlds Smallest Selfiebooth

Delivering everything you need for an event all in one box. The Smove Fbox One S is built to contain a touch screen PC containing breeze software, a Canon 2000D DSLR camera, a two point LED modelling illumination with dimmer and a fantastic Citizen CZ-01 compact printer.

Photobooths have become a staple of the event industry, popping up in various different forms and formats they have become the must have for weddings, grand opening and parties alike you can’t go wrong with a photobooth. 


Ideal for capturing memories to last a lifetime a photobooth is an essential part of any event photographers offering. 


Smove Photobooths offer some of the best Photobooths on the market today. Intelligently designed for ease of use not only for the user but also for the guest. The Smove FBOX One S is the worlds most compact photobooth, designed to work perfectly with the Citizen CZ-01 located inside the system’s main box meaning the computer system, camera, flash and printer all fit nicely on the stand ready to work. 


The range of Smove Photobooths come in all shapes and sizes from classic mirror booths to lollypop style all in one systems. Alongside photobooth Smove also create fantastic technical accessories to work seamlessly with Smove Photobooths.

Smove Fbox one S easy set up

Fbox Mini Mirror

The F Box mini mirror is not unlike a traditional mirror however its compact size and sleek design makes it a perfect mirror for transporting to events across the country.

fbox one angles


The Smove Fbox One is a luxury all in one Photobooth. The 4 legged design adds a retro style perfect for offbeat weddings and events alike.

Share Station

The Photobooth Share Station from Smove is the perfect solution for busy weddings, events and shows. The Share Station allows the user to wirelessly control and print from a single station using a Wifi signal.

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