DiLand Photo Kiosk Hardware

The DiLand Photo Kiosk Hardware is meticulously designed to seamlessly complement the DiLand Photo Software. It is available in a variety of touch screen systems, ensuring that you can discover the ideal kiosk tailored to your needs. Explore our range and find the perfect kiosk for you!

DiLand Photo Kiosk Software creates print orders from Digital images, its fast, user friendly and delivers everything a customer might need.


Smartphone: Smartphone connectivity is essential, this Kiosk software can download images in a number of ways using Cable, Wifi QR Code, Bluetooth and Apple Air Print.


Social Network: A user can directly print from various social networks including Facebook & Instagram.


Passport Photos: DiLan Photo Kiosk Software comes with the parameters of 58 nationalities pre installed. All parameters are customisable and can be saved onto a USB drive if necessary.


Custom Prints: Design stunning canvas prints and view the 3D preview, personalise images for that perfect gift or card and create calendars to enjoy all year round.

DiLand Photo Kiosk Software

See the Diland Kiosk in Action

Game Changing kiosk

Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable DiLand Stand-Alone Kiosk, a true game-changer in photo kiosk design. With its striking 32″ vertical screen, this visually stunning kiosk is guaranteed to make a lasting impression in any retail setting.

traditional, fast and fun

The DiLand desktop kiosk presents an ideal solution for a bustling high street photographic retailer. Equipped with pre-installed DiLand software, these desktop kiosks offer seamless compatibility with nearly every photographic printer available in the market.

All in one solution

The DiLand kiosk minilab offers the perfect solution for a thriving photography retailer located on a bustling high street. With its built-in DiLand software, the desktop kiosk is supported by a stand that incorporates a printer underneath, streamlining the user’s experience from image selection to final print.

DiLand Photo Kiosk Software

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