Binding technology

Our many years of developing and building top-quality printing and bookbinding systems have taught us what successful printers need: trusted, reliable, and committed knowledgeable technology partners.




Our Mission: Provide complete support at an affordable price to

small- and medium- size companies for deluxe LayFlat binding and printing systems.


Our Vision:, the go-to source with unique expertise and experience. Supported by knowledgeable worldwide distribution and technical personnel, we will work closely with small- and medium-size businesses to select the right binding systems to manufacture high

value-added LayFlat books.


Business ready design for industry leading quality


As stalwarts in the bookbinding industry, we are dedicated to beautifying your books with our superior binding techniques Our machines use

state-of-the-art technology to deliver premium book solutions that encompass Binding and further equipment such as Laminating, Coating, Printing etc.



Our technology solutions are not only suitable for cooperate publications, art books, and cookbooks, but any book comprising high quality content and images. The unparalleled book designs offered by LayFlat, can indeed amaze your clientele.



Professional, attractive and elegantly crafted photobooks will not only spark enthusiasm and loyalty among your customers, they will return again and again. Let’s work together to build a high value-added book production line in your business.


Our high technology solutions for small- and medium-size printers are not only suitable for corporate publications, art books, and cookbooks, but any book comprising high-quality content and images.

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