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Introducing the DMLab  – now available

The machine`s origin is a collaboration between Kanishi Japan and PM2S France.

The DMLAB with direct connectivity to Diland Kiosk software, seamlessly delivering 12-inch paper width size product offerings such as collages, photo grids and calendars in addition to the unique super panoramic print size up to 1.5 metres in length.

The DMLab  is a new step forward in dry lab printing, the system supports roll paper widths of 102mm to 305mm and lengths up-to 1500 mm allowing a 305 x 1500 panoramic print size The DMLab works with a 6 colour dye inks, which are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Magenta and Light Cyan.

Moving from a so called wet-lab Printer to a dry-lab printer utilising ink, means that there are no messy chemicals to deal with, chemical temperatures or chemical disposal to worry about.


DMLab Paris show launch

The DMLAB was also recently launched at two international trade shows, one in China where the system was demonstrated to very busy exhibition stand.


In addition to the launch in China, came the ever expanding market in India where the DMLAB was well received by Indian customers, with the potential to satisfy the Indian photo printing market need for a low cost 12-inch printing capability

Diland Photo Kiosk

In Europe the unique collaboration has produced the DMLAB with direct connectivity to DiLand Kiosk software. This seamless workflow gives a 12″ paper width size allowing an impressive Super Panoramic prints up to 1.5 meters.

DMLab connects directly to the latest innovative kiosk software from Diland. Offering seamless integration enabling the creation of specialty products, such as Collages, Photogrids, Calendars, products that can create an in-store sales boost, generating increased  profitability as a result of up-selling larger print sizes in a unique innovative customer offering, this is of course in addition to the normal larger prints sixes such as 12×18 inches, as well as the unique panoramic offerings i.e 12×36 and 12×55 inch.

E-Controller Software

A newly developed photo printing software, a fresh design created for ease-of-use and speed E-Controller is the new standard in photo printing.





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